Raj Meister is a non-government organisation, our aim is helping people, no matter what age, race; sex or beliefs people have across the globe.  Our NGO is all about serving, supporting and guiding vulnerable people but not just in Leeds, Yorkshire UK, but we want to reach out internationally also.


The materials you see on our site or on social media maybe issued in the United Kingdom.  However, that does not propose wherever you are that you cannot also seek some advice or gain knowledge from the materials from our NGO.  In order to get the right help and support it is always best to see what is out there and to see what can be beneficial for yourself and others.  


Do not hesitate to get in touch using our Contact Us page or even with our social media networks we have in place.

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The refugee crisis across the Globe is nothing compared to what the Mainstream Media are hiding.  


The Mainstream Media have their very own agenda where Humanity is not part of the agenda.  It is disgusting and revolting that it is NGO’s like us that pick up the sunken ships that are not mainstreamed and be reported on our site.


You may have seen our latest Ted Talks videos, if not why the hell not?  It is our duty to share what others wish to share and to report.  Their finding about Syria and general refugees is sickening and the West just sitting back and let the boats sink.


We are proud that we are an NGO and spread what truly matters to the likeminded people.  It is our duty to report and make people aware of what is not being shown or given the Mainstream Media attention it truly deserves.  This is not the end, this is not the beginning, this is just the middle of their crisis and it will only end once we help these people.


These people are Human Beings; these people are no different from you and I.  We are on this planet for each other, to share the love we all have for one another.  We will not stop until we conquer vicious Western Corrupted Organisations.  Turkey are not innocent, Turkey are the problem of ISIS, ISIL.  Until they stop getting the illegal oil being sold to them from ISIS, ISIL, the world would be a better place.



~ Raj Meister


UK police taser blind man after mistaking his cane for a gun (Fri, 24 Feb 2017)
Preview A blind man who was waiting for a train home was tasered by police at a railway station in Manchester, England, after someone reported that his walking stick was a firearm. Read Full Article at RT.com
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Honey offside trap: Bees taught to play football by scientists (VIDEO) (Fri, 24 Feb 2017)
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Scotland ‘seriously considering’ 2nd #indyref in 2018... and a German map-maker is ready for it (Fri, 24 Feb 2017)
Preview The Scottish government is seriously thinking about staging a second independence referendum next year, triggering a mixed reaction within the EU. Read Full Article at RT.com
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Men are getting their beer-belly fat removed & injected into their penis (Fri, 24 Feb 2017)
Preview A state-of-the-art cosmetic procedure now promises to help men concerned with the size of their genitals and the girth of their stomach simultaneously by using their unwanted fat as a penis enlarger. Read Full Article at RT.com
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Nut job: Prince Charles backs Nutella-fueled grey squirrel sterilization plan (Fri, 24 Feb 2017)
Preview Prince Charles has backed a government plan to sterilize grey squirrels by putting contraceptives in Nutella spread, which tests show is highly attractive to the woodland critters. Read Full Article at RT.com
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"We Are The Future" ~ Raj Meister

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