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Raj Meister is fuelled with Alternative Media unlike the biased Mainstream Media.  But of course if you are here, then there is a reason and a slight chance that you too, could be likeminded like us and that the media we use here is only to inspire you and for you to look at things from a different perspective.

This is a site where you will get only Alternative News and inspirational news too.  We have had a ligh-bulb moment and we will continue with our new vision, we are now improving a new outlook for the public.  To know more about our nonprofit attentive to spreading knowledge and ideas please click here.

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The Truth About Race Wars. . . .


People of the world need to know the facts about Religion and this video has been researched and has been validated.  In this video, you will leave with knowledge about Religion, Santa Claus, Christmas, Constantine, Egyptology and the King James Edition of the Bible . . . Psalms 46, Verse 3 and Psalms 46, Verse 9 spells out Shake and Spear.  William Shakespeare was one of the 50 men to pull together all the biblical references together around 1604-1609.

We only share real facts and alternative media that you will not see anywhere else but here.  We have researched the professors and doctors who are in the video.  But we want you to see the video, share the video and of course contact us freely with your comments and thoughts.  Alternatively you can go directly to the Facebook Page where we also manage the page and look at the comments too. 

But if we were to disillusion you, please look at the previous comments on the Facebook Page and you will not see any comments that this video does not make sense or that this video is a fake and manipulative.  We can also guarantee you that there are no comments that were removed from the Facebook Page.  We do not consider that as ethical, we do want to hear other peoples views as long as the comments are valid and not in any way offensive.

Please Click Here to watch the video and do share the knowledge too.  We have also managed to get some brief information about the people in the video too and links of where to find more information about them.

Dr. Umar Abdullah-Johnson is a Certified School Psychologist who practices privately throughout Pennsylvania and lectures throughout the country. Umar is a blood relative of Frederick Douglass, the great Black abolitionist and orator.  (

Dr. Valentine is the founder, director and pastor of the Temple of the Healing Spirit; Self-Healing Education Center, The Institute for Self‑Master; and just recently, The University of Kemetian Sciences. A certified member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists (I.A.C.T.), he received his doctorate in Hygienic Health Science and Classical Naturopathy from The Life Science Institute of Texas, now merged to the Fit for Life Sciences Institute-College of Natural Health in Canada.  (

Anthony T. Browder is an author, publisher, cultural historian, artist, and an educational consultant. He is a graduate of Howard University’s College of Fine Arts and has lectured extensively throughout the United States, Africa, Caribbean, Mexico, Japan and Europe, on issues related to African and African American History and Culture.  (

Professor James Small has been an activist since his teenage years. His in-depth knowledge, thought-provoking and calm delivery are influential elements to break the programming of mis-education.  (


Russia Today - Question More


Russia Today is not just a News platform, nor do they discuss only negative news unlike the BBC, Sky News and other Bias Co-Operations.


Russia Today will make you think and look outside the box, which is why we have their news feed.  There are only seven alternative news sources out there. 


Unfortunatley we cannot squeeze all of them here.  But take a look and Google them: Al Jazeera, Press TV, The Independent, The Guardian, The Huffington Post, Reuters and of course Russia Today.  


For More Russia Today insight and more Alternative Coverage, Click Here.


Rough sleeping ban will ‘criminalize most vulnerable’ in Newport (Tue, 06 Oct 2015)
Preview Human rights group Liberty has called on Newport City Council to scrap its plans to ‘criminalize’ begging and rough sleeping in the city center. Read Full Article at
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Cuts to ‘bare bones’ social services force elderly to go hungry (Tue, 06 Oct 2015)
Preview Elderly and disabled people in the care system are going without regular food and drink due to government budget cuts, a report has found. Read Full Article at
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New period alert will text women from inside their vagina (Tue, 06 Oct 2015)
Preview A new period product seeking support on Kickstarter will link up with women’s smartphones to tell them when they need to change, and even when their period is due. Read Full Article at
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Press watchdog reprimands Daily Telegraph over ‘misleading’ Corbyn anti-Semitism claims (Tue, 06 Oct 2015)
Preview The Daily Telegraph has been reprimanded by the Independent Press Standards Organization (IPSO) for making “significantly misleading” claims ‘without qualification’ about Labour MPs accusing party leader Jeremy Corbyn of being anti-Semitic. Read Full Article at
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‘Corbyn doesn’t understand ISIS threat’ – Cameron (Tue, 06 Oct 2015)
Preview Prime Minister David Cameron has lashed out at Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn for resisting calls to extend airstrikes from Iraq into Syria, accusing the lifelong anti-war activist of failing to understanding the threat posed by Islamic State. Read Full Article at
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"We Are The Future" ~ Raj Meister

The Independent News

UK Homepage

AB InBev raises SABMiller bid to £68bn (Wed, 07 Oct 2015)
Belgian-Brazilian group makes third offer to create world’s largest brewer
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Cameron eyes home ownership ‘crusade’ (Wed, 07 Oct 2015)
Revamp of planning rules to put low-cost houses on equal footing with rented housing
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Profits halve at Tesco amid price war (Wed, 07 Oct 2015)
Sale of data analysis business Dunnhumby shelved after auction failed to attract enough interest
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Rajan urges IMF and World Bank reforms (Wed, 07 Oct 2015)
Indian central bank governor calls for emerging market needs to be met
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Chips drive Samsung Q3 operating profit (Wed, 07 Oct 2015)
Company estimates 78% surge to $6.3bn despite struggling smartphones
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