It has come to our attention that there are some videos on YouTube that are beyond anyone’s worst scenario when it comes to protecting your wife, your children.  Rape is no laughing matter, but again we have seen this too many times on YouTube where they put age restrictions that users do not need to be a certain age to go on YouTube or to look for taglines that users have put on YouTube.


It is however our courtesy, to tell the public and the media about some of these horrific videos on YouTube and anyone who has access or has a YouTube account can access horrific videos online for free and without any pre-warnings.  Why is there an age limit for videos on YouTube which can be accessed by young people, children when they are watching their favourite cartoon shows?  YouTube needs to get rid of all its age restriction videos as it is damaging people's minds and effecting parenthood too.


Their needs to be an independent organisation just like they do for new releases for Grand Theft Auto.  I also agree that an independent organisation will not stop the pursuit of freedom of speech or information.  At the end of the day, the Internet needs to be more respectful to their users and also to the people who hear such videos that are easy accessible to view and see.


We have a list of videos that needs to be revoked as soon as possible.  But the media will also put pressure on YouTube and some users who have put revolting, hideous acts of torture, rape, and brutality against mankind, bullying and being drugged.  I am talking about one film that has all of this and it is very, very horrific to grasp and to even watch.  (A Serbian Film)


As an NGO, we do have responsibilities and we cannot just standby whilst there are others watching this horrendous movie.  It has already over a million views already and growing.  Something needs to be done and we will take the right precautions necessary so that movies like these will never ever be shown ever again on UK and Europe soil ever again.  It should be banned and people making these kind of repulsive movies should be thrown in prison without ever coming out into the real world, their minds is sickening and need to seek professional help.  This movie and the words to describe the movie are very hard as I do not wish to go into detail but it is absolutely sickening and very revolting and churning tummy to digest what horrendous movie this really is. 


I/we cannot believe that this list can go on and on. . . We do nto have the manpower to go through each one, but the ones we kept on finding on Gang Rapes and Rapes in general were from the Asian region like Hong Kong and Japan and some from Korea too.  It is absolutely shocking to say the very least that from a broad search Rape and Rape Movies on YouTube search is horrendous to say the least.



Democracy Now!

Psychologists: Migrant Parents Reunited with Detained Children Must Brace for Trauma & Long Recovery (Fri, 20 Jul 2018)
We discuss the psychological impacts family separation has on young children with Nancy Burke, psychoanalyst and a co-chair of the Psychotherapy Action Network, which helped publish a pamphlet aimed at helping immigrant parents separated from children. She's on the faculty with the Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis and Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University and says the trauma children are experiencing in detention "freezes them in time" and takes away their ability to express themselves.
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Salvadoran Mother Reunited with 3-Year-Old Son Says He Shows Signs of Trauma & Aggressive Behavior (Fri, 20 Jul 2018)
On Wednesday, Democracy Now!'s Laura Gottesdiener sat down with a Salvadoran mother named Belqui Yessenia Castillo Cortez, who reunited with her 3-year-old son Michael last week after they were separated by immigration officials at the border in Texas. Federal documents show the mother and son arrived at the legal port of entry in Rio Grande City on May 28, 2018, to apply for asylum in the United States. Immigration authorities detained them and then separated them, sending Belqui to the Port Isabel Detention Center in Texas, while her 3-year-old son was flown all the way to New York and held in a facility run by a human services agency called Abbott House. "His behavior is really aggressive," she says. "He wasn't like this before. … He's violent, more than anything else."
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Migrant Children Detained in Shelters Being Drugged, Told Not to Hug, Forced to Bathe in Sinks (Fri, 20 Jul 2018)
The Trump administration has less than a week to meet a court-ordered deadline to reunite children and parents separated at the U.S.-Mexico border under its "zero tolerance" policy. This comes as advocates say some migrant children have been released from federally contracted shelters with scabies and lice. In Illinois, officials are investigating the Chicago nonprofit Heartland Alliance over allegations it housed children separated from their parents at the border, with many of the children reportedly suffering abuse and neglect. We speak with Reveal reporter Aura Bogado, who has exposed a second office used by military contractor MVM to hold migrant children. This time, the children had to bathe in bathroom sinks.
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As Ethiopia & Eritrea Sign Deal to End 20 Years of War, Will Political Prisoners Be Released Next? (Fri, 20 Jul 2018)
A historic peace deal between Ethiopia and Eritrea ends 20 years of a "state of war" that saw 70,000 killed and thousands of families separated. We get response from Ethiopian writer Awol Allo, a lecturer at the Keele University School of Law in the U.K., and Vanessa Berhe, an Eritrean human rights activist. She founded the group One Day Seyoum, which campaigns for the release of her uncle, Eritrean photojournalist Seyoum Tsehaye, who was imprisoned in 2001 amid a crackdown on free expression.
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Headlines for July 20, 2018 (Fri, 20 Jul 2018)
Trump to Invite Russian President Putin to the White House, Senate Votes 98-0 Against Russian Interrogations of U.S. Officials, Trump Administration Seeks to Roll Back Endangered Species Act, Aides Shielded Former EPA Chief from Formaldehyde While Suppressing Report on Its Dangers, 70 House Democrats Launch "Medicare for All" Caucus, Wells Fargo to Refund Customers over Unwanted Services, Trump's Nominee to Head Consumer Watchdog Grilled in Senate Hearing, Israel Planning "Large and Painful Military Operation" in Gaza, Missouri: At Least 13 Drown as Amphibious Boat Capsizes in Storm, DHS Director Blames Both Sides for White Supremacist Violence in Charlottesville, NYPD to Hold Disciplinary Hearings for Officers over Killing of Eric Garner, Protesters Demand Justice for Dahmeek McDonald, Killed by Troy, NY Officer
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RT - Daily news

Russia ‘helpful’ in enforcing sanctions on North Korea – Pompeo (Fri, 20 Jul 2018)
Preview Moscow has been actively contributing to the process of denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula, particularly by enforcing sanctions on Pyongyang, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told journalists. Read Full Article at
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BREAKING: World Boxing Super Series (WBSS) 2018/19 super lightweight draft announced in Moscow (Fri, 20 Jul 2018)
Preview The World Boxing Super Series (WBSS) super lightweight draft for the 2018/19 season has been announced following a gala in Moscow ahead of the tournament's cruiserweight final between Murat Gassiev and Alexander Usyk in the city. Read Full Article at
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Agent bear: Russia’s FSB enlists animals as ‘strategic resource’ (Fri, 20 Jul 2018)
Preview Russian brown bears may soon become an item in the budget of Federal Security Bureau (FSB), the domestic successor to the soviet KGB, which wants to designate them a national treasure. Read Full Article at
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This is it! NY Times reveals Michael Cohen secretly taped Trump (Fri, 20 Jul 2018)
Preview Donald Trump was secretly recorded by his personal attorney Michael Cohen discussing a proposed hush payment to a Playboy model, the New York Times reported, setting off a new cycle of media frenzy. Read Full Article at
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‘When we baked bread, we didn’t do spacewalks’ – robotics guru to RT (Fri, 20 Jul 2018)
Preview What happens when robots surpass humans in every job? Robotics guru Peter Redmond told RT there will always be a place for humanity to explore, hone new skills and sate its curiosity. Read Full Article at
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The Independent News

UK homepage

GSK board considers break-up (Fri, 20 Jul 2018)
Chairman weighs spinning off consumer division after pressure from investors
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Henry Kissinger: ‘We are in a very, very grave period’ (Fri, 20 Jul 2018)
The grand consigliere of American diplomacy talks about Putin, the new world order — and the meaning of Trump
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Full-scale trade war looms closer (Fri, 20 Jul 2018)
Trump escalates tensions with China tariff threat as Merkel warns of potential damage
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Barnier adopts conciliatory tone over Ireland (Fri, 20 Jul 2018)
May calls on EU to ‘evolve’ backstop as border comes to dominate talks
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White House rejects Putin plan for Ukraine referendum (Fri, 20 Jul 2018)
Vote in breakaway regions raised at closed-door Helsinki talks with Trump
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